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What is a Recurring Deposit Calculator?

An RD interest calculator will help one calculate the returns of their investment. One can estimate the returns based on their RD interest rates and tenure to fulfil their investment goals.

A recurring deposit investment has a complex calculation that might be tough to understand. An RD interest calculator helps one calculate the returns before investing.

How to Use STFC’s Online RD Calculator?

Listed below are the steps that one should follow to calculate RD maturity quickly and easily:-

  1. Enter the amount that one will invest monthly and the tenure in the RD calculator
  2. Click on the calculate button.
  3. They can now see the returns they will get for the investment, along with the interest percentage.

Calculate Recurring Deposit Interest Rate Online

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Benefits of an Online RD Calculator

An RD is a continual investment that provides one return at the end of their tenure. The calculation for a recurring deposit investment can be tricky for investors. Every quarter one recurring deposit interest rate will get compounded. An RD calculator consists of many variables to complete its calculation.

Why use STFC’s Online RD Calculator?

  • Calculate returns
  • Efficient planning to reach their financial goals
  • Saves time and effort
  • Use multiple times for comparing returns

Computing the maturity amount of a Recurring Deposit can be pretty complex. However, an RD calculator will make it simple and easy for them. STFC’s RD Calculator provides accurate computation of maturity and Recurring Deposit interest rates.

The formula for Calculating RD Maturity

To calculate the maturity amount for a recurring deposit investment, one can use an RD calculator.

The formula for calculating RD maturity is:

A = P*(1+R/N)^(Nt)

Here is the denotation of each variable that comes in the formula for better understanding:

  • ‘A’ is the maturity amount
  • ‘P’ is the recurring deposit instalment for each month
  • ‘N’ is the interest rate compounding factor (The number of quarters for which we calculate the interest)
  • ‘R’ is the recurring deposit interest rate in percentage
  • ‘t’ is the tenure that one chooses for their investment

Though their investment amount and tenure varies, the formula remains the same for all their recurring deposit maturity calculations. Thus, one can easily calculate the maturity amount for a particular tenure when entering all the desired values. Then, when one has different options to compare, they can choose the best investment option to suit their investment goal.