Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited

Shriram Transport Finance FD Rates


Non cumulative  Deposit Cumulative Deposit
Period (months) Monthly % p.a Quarterly % p.a Half yearly % p.a Yearly %p.a Rate (p.a. at Monthly rests) Effective yield % p.a.  Maturity value for Rs 5,000/-
12 6.78 6.82 6.88 7.00 6.78 7.00 5,350
18 7.06 7.11 7.17 7.30 7.06 7.43 5,555
24 7.25 7.30 7.37 7.50 7.25 7.78 5,775
30 7.72 7.77 7.85 8.00 7.72 8.49 6,060
36 7.76 7.82 7.89 8.05 7.76 8.71 6,305
42 7.86 7.92 8.00 8.15 7.86 9.02 6,575
48 7.90 7.96 8.04 8.20 7.90 9.26 6,850
60 8.00 8.06 8.14 8.30 8.00 9.81 7,450

Additional interest of 0.50% p.a. will be paid for Senior citizens (Completed age 60 years on the date of deposit/renewal)

Additional interest of 0.25% p.a. will be paid on all Renewals, where the deposit is matured.

Additional interest of 0.15% p.a will be paid to employees of Shriram Group Companies and their relatives.

Additional interest of 0.10% p.a. will be paid to Women Depositors.

Additional interest on Bulk Deposits is withdrawn.

All above tenures will be available for both offline and online investments.

Deposits will be accepted in multiples of Rs. 1000/- subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 5000/-.

Cumulative deposits can be renewed for maturity value.


STFC Fixed deposit enables you to invest for a better and secured future by offering higher returns with secure investment options.

STFC's fixed deposits come with a FD rated "[ICRA]AA+ (Stable)" by ICRA and Rated "IND AA+/Stable" by India Ratings and Research(Indicates a high degree of safety), which indicates high credit quality. STFC Fixed deposits are the most secured investment options with guaranteed returns that multiply your investments.

STFC comes with decades of trust in the market, with over 2.19 million customers.

Let your hard-earned money grow effortlessly for a safe and secure tomorrow.

Fixed Deposit Features & Benefits

  • Higher and Guaranteed Returns

  • STFC offers one of the highest interest rates at 8.90%* and which includes 0.50%* for senior citizens and 0.10% for women depositors. Returns on Fixed Deposit does not change with market or external factors. The guaranteed returns offered to you remains constant throughout your tenure; even the interest rate falls in the broader market.

  • Flexible Tenure

  • We offer a wide range of tenure starting from 12 months to 60 months. STFC provides greater flexibility to plan your investment horizon for short and long-term financial goals. Based on your need, you can choose your investment tenure to support your financial plan.

  • Regular Income

  • Non-cumulative Fixed Deposit helps you earn an interest rate with the money you deposited over a fixed time. You get a regular earning through interest payments by the flexibility of choosing a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly interest payout.

  • Power of Compounding

  • If you need maximum returns at the end of the maturity, you can opt for a cumulative deposit by allowing the magic of compounding to work. The interest is earned not only on the invested amount but also on the interest you earn.

  • Liquidity in times of emergency

  • Fixed Deposits provides you liquidity in times of emergencies, and you can choose to close the deposit partially or wholly to support your exigencies.

Why Choose Us?

Higher FD Returns:

With our FD, you can earn higher returns for your future

Flexibility of Term:

Invest your money in fixed deposits ranging from 1 year to 5 years

Flexibility Of Investment:

With amounts ranging from Rs.5,000/-, it offers a wide range of investment opportunities

Additional Benefits for Senior Citizens:

Attractive Rate of Interests will be given for senior citizens


Fixed deposit can be utilized as pension since interest is available on a monthly /quarterly/half-yearly basis

Fixed Deposit Calculator

A fixed deposit calculator will provide you with all details regarding the interest you can gain each month and the maturity amount. An FD calculator will offer you insights regarding the tenure and interest rate to start an investment.

The maturity amount will be the sum of the invested amount and the interest it gains until maturity. We designed our STFC Fixed Deposit Calculator to ensure our customers know the maturity amount before investing for the particular tenure.