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Calculate Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Online

  • Regular Scheme
  • Senior Citizens Scheme
Investment Amount


Interest RateInterest PayoutMaturity Amount
8.01₹ 155379₹ 568379


PeriodInterest rateInterest payout
Monthly8.01%₹ 2757
Quarterly8.01%₹ 2757
Half yearly8.01%₹ 2757
Yearly8.01%₹ 2757

What is a Fixed Deposit Calculator?

A fixed deposit calculator provides precise details of the FD interest rates one can get each month and calculates the maturity amount. In addition, an FD interest rate calculator will offer them insights regarding the tenure and interest rate at which they can invest.

The maturity amount is the sum invested along with the interest it earns until maturity. We designed our STFC Fixed Deposit Calculator so that it’s easy to calculate the maturity amount before investing for a particular tenure.

How to Use STFC’s Online FD Calculator?

Listed below are the steps that one should follow to calculate FD maturity quickly and easily:-

  1. Enter the investment amount and tenure in the Shriram Transport FD calculator.
  2. Click on the calculate button.
  3. They can find the maturity returns for cumulative schemes along with the accumulated interest.
  4. Quickly estimate the periodic interest payouts and the interest rate for the chosen tenure for investment in non-cumulative schemes.

Benefits of FD Interest Rate Calculator

The calculator will help one calculate the returns of FD investment based on the FD interest rates. It also helps in calculating the amount one should invest in fulfilling their financial goals.

Why use STFC’s Online FD Interest Rate Calculator?

  • Calculate FD Maturity
  • Calculate periodic interest payouts
  • Efficient financial planning
  • Can be used multiple times to compare returns
  • Easy to use

The FD calculator is free to use. One can use it any number of times before finalizing the investment tenure and the FD rates they plan their investment.

The formula for Calculating FD Maturity

To calculate FD maturity, an FD calculator will help one find the most accurate results. Here is the formula for calculating Fixed Deposit maturity:-

Maturity Amount = P(1+r/n)^(n*t)

The denotation of the values in the formula is as follows:

  • ‘P’ is the Principal Investment Amount in FD
  • ‘r’ is the interest rate
  • ‘n’ is the quantity of compounding per year
  • ‘t’ is the tenure, that is the number of years