Corporate Social Responsibility

STFC is the one of the largest NBFC in the country with an Asset Under management which exceeds One Lakh Crore rupees. This has been made possible due to the focus that the organisation has given to the bottom most rung of the customer pyramid and uplifting them with appropriate financial support at affordable rates. Being a small operator/entrepreneur, STFC has proven itself to be honest and hard working. It has also undertaken the task of doing its bit to improve the quality of life of this important community in the crucial areas of health improvement / awareness, basic education and skill development.

Please click the link below to check the List of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects/Programs as per Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.

Here are our corporate social responsibilities:

Enhancing futures through better opportunities for quality education

STFC has been making specific contributions towards the achievement of the global goal by extending scholarships to enable and augment formal education and learning for children and youth from the families of transport fraternity.

Key features of the STFC scholarship initiative

  • Given to students studying between standards 8 and 12 (secondary and higher secondary education).
  • Follows a merit-based selection criteria. Students should have obtained minimum 60% marks in the previous academic year.
  • Students are identified and scholarships are sourced through state/district level transport associations and various other stake holders.

STFC’s scholarship project has been proactively working towards providing increased opportunities to students from disadvantaged groups for improved and holistic education. Over 1,80,000 students from multiple regions of the country were directly supported for education at the secondary and higher secondary level till date.

Merit-based selection of students combined with the involvement of transport associations as a critical stakeholder in identification of students and for disbursement of scholarship amount strengthens the credibility of this initiative.

Preventive Health Care Program for Truckers

Securing good health and well-being through mobile medical units (MMUs) – A Good Health Ecosystem building Platform for transport fraternity.

Guided by the National Health Mission’s (NHM) vision of ensuring that all people in the country can access quality and affordable health services, “MMU/Clinic” provide free-of-cost medical check-ups, lab tests and medicines to truckers community, that remain largely isolated from mainstream healthcare eco systems. STFC funded MMUs/Clinic are functional across 15 locations in 11 states. It aims at improving the accessibility to primary healthcare for the weaker sections of the society.

Key focus of STFC funded MMUs/Clinic

  • Free primary healthcare services.
  • Screening, diagnosis, treatment and referral for non-communicable, communicable diseases, and minor ailments.
  • Awareness, education and counselling on healthy practices, lifestyle modifications, non-communicable disease management etc.
  • A unique model of Tobacco Cessation Counselling and referrals program for trucking community.
  • Multi stakeholder partnership – Transpt. associations, government and Non – Govt. agency.

STFC has crossed the benchmark of reaching out to 8.90 lakh plus beneficiary with an average of more than 85% from trucking community.

Success Stories

success story one
Name: Manjunath. A
Age: 41Yr
Occupation: Driver
Complication: Hypertension
MMU Name: STFCL Mumbai

Manjunath, a 41 year old truck driver, very recently was stressed and discomfort while travelling for long distances. That is when he saw the STFC Mobile Medical Van conducting health camp on Mumbai Highway at his doorstep. So, he thought of visiting the STFC Mobile Medical Van doctor. He got his blood sugar and Blood Pressure checked and was diagnosed with Hypertension. He did not realize this earlier as he never got a chance to get himself examined. He never had any other problem because of which he kept on ignoring his health. This was the time when he realized his health status and said – “I did not know about the complications I had with my health. The doctor counselled me on precautions and healthy practices to be followed. I am much more aware of my health now and would take care of it. Thanks to STFC Mobile Medical Vans for making healthcare services available and accessible for us.”

success story two
Name: Dr. Harshitha
Designation: Medical Consultant
MMU Name: Bengaluru MMU

Dr.Harshita has completed her MBBS from Bangalore and had been working with private hospital in casualty before joining STFC’s primary healthcare Program. Dr.Harshita believes in connecting with communities and serving them. She says “There were no healthcare intervention for drivers especially those who travel long distance. There are some foundations/organisations which focus upon STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) especially HIV/AIDS, vision problems of drivers but there was no intervention related to prevent, screen or treat Diabetes and Hypertension and common ailments. Our project focuses upon making health care accessible to the truckers not just for common ailments including hyper tension and diabetes, which are common in truck drivers as they travel long distance, have long sitting hours behind the wheel, eat outside food and don’t get enough time/facilities for their regular check-up and treatment. I feel privileged to be part of this team and wish to serve beneficiaries with all of my knowledge and dedication.

Augmenting livelihoods through vocational and skill trainings

Currently with one of the highest youth population in the world, India faces its greatest opportunity as well as challenge. It is slated to become the world’s youngest nation by 2022. This demographic dividend not only provides a huge reservoir of manpower, but also draws focus towards making this talent pool employable.

The Government of India, under its ‘Skill India’ mission, has initiated a number of schemes to achieve this end. Since inception the Government has emphasised that this vision cannot be achieved without multi-stakeholder collaboration, the corporate sector/business marked as a critical contributor.

STFC has contributed towards this national goal by extending trainings for the skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling of drivers.

Key focus of STFC’s driver training project

  • Training is given to new drivers.
  • Includes training in light motor vehicles (LMVs) and heavy motor vehicles (HMVs).
  • Jobs/placement linkages, primarily in the commercial transport industry, are provided to trained drivers.

Skill Building outreach

ParticularsNumber of candidates trained
Total Drivers trained till dateOver 24,000

Driver trainings in both LMVs and HMVs are conducted in various part of the country. Over 24,000 candidates were trained along with job assistance in the logistics industry which in turn is larger goal of filling the skill gap of the logistics industry.

By providing skilling as well as re-skilling and up-skilling opportunities in the driving industry, STFC is contributing towards upgrading the status and social attraction of what are considered low-quality and bottom of the pyramid (BOP) jobs. Furthermore by extending training in driving HMVs, it is an attempt in the direction of transforming the largely inefficient and hazardous nature of truck driving.