Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited


People first!

STFC prides itself on a perfect understanding of the customer. Each product or service is tailor-made to perfectly suit customer needs. It is this guiding philosophy of putting people first that has brought the company closer to the grassroots, and made it the preferred choice for all the truck financing requirements amongst customers.

STFC was set up with the objective of offering the common man a host of products and services that would be helpful to him on his path to prosperity. Over the decades, the company has achieved significant success in reaching this objective, and has created a tremendous sense of loyalty amongst its customers.


Our Core Value

Operational efficiency, integrity and a strong focus on catering to the needs of the common man by offering him high quality and cost-effective products & services are the values driving STFC. These core values are deep-rooted within the organisation and have been strongly adhered to over the decades.